Independent Senator
for South Australia


While everyone was looking above the line, something was happening below.

An amendment with what I presume were unintended consequences snuck under the radar and they may have accidently made the Senate Democratic.
I’ve always voted below the line in the Senate and the only thing that put me off was having to number ALL the boxes.

Now you only have to number 12 and this is what it means:

Party Factions will no longer have power in the Senate. Now YOU decide the order.

If you like the Liberals but think Cory Bernardi is an idiot; number all the Libs except him
If you like Labor and think Penny Wong rocks but you don't like some of the other union hacks just number her box
If the Greens have put Sarah Hanson Young too far down their list for you; number her box first
If you think some of Nick Xenophon’s peeps are a bit cray cray skip over their boxes
You can now vote on issues
For instance I could run in South Australia as Dave Saddler on the issue of Age Care. If you think Age Care was an important issue, you can put a number in my box followed by your other preferences.
You could then number Equal Marriage, Duck Hunting or any other candidates all the way down to 12 (or more if you wanted).
After the election when the major parties analysed the votes they could see which issues were important to You
Don’t be tied down to parties. Pick your own team of 12 (or more)
Now you can have your own fantasy league of Senators. Pick your favourites.
Note also, with social media you can get each candidate’s individual opinion on every issue (Demand Transparency)

Imagine the Senate with every member picked on merit and not by party default, how Democratic is that?

Here is an example of how a Progressive Below the Line vote might look
Here's one I did for my Mum she's a long time Liberal voter. Loves her son, loves animals, loves art and culture and doesn't like Cory Bernardi. Her demographic is Late Mature
Here's a Greens Below the Line vote. Note they have generously put the Australian Progressives ahead of themselves. They have also changed their order to promote Female Representation
Finally a Labor Below the Line vote. As with the Liberal one above one of the Candidates has been skipped. This time it's Don Farrell because he's a Factional Overlord
Here's a great program to create your own Senate How to Vote
Email davidjsaddler@gmail.com